Toro Kurai

Four-Armed Master of Martial Arts


Toro was born into slavery. At a young age, he was ordered to start performing his slave duties. His mother did not like this, and demanded that they make her work harder in place of Toro’s work. She was killed for her disobedience. My father, in a rage, attacked one of the slavers, but to no avail, he was killed as well. Toro, too afraid to cry, was petrified in a mixture of distress and fear. The slavers left both he and the bodies of his parents.

Toro sat there for three days, crying and brooding over the loss of his parents, however, hunger started to get the better of him. Luckily a man passed by just as Toro felt there was no way for him to survive. The man offered Toro food and a proper burial for his parents, so toro took his mother’s sash as a memento and went with the man. Noticing Toro’s force sensitivity, the man decided to raise Toro as his own and teach him the ways of the Wardens of the Sky.

Many years had passed, and Toro was a fast learner in the ways of combat, however, he was a klutz when it came to piloting. The man knew that warden’s never flocked too closely to one another, and so when Toro was 20, the man left him to fend for himself. He told Toro to find his own path.

Toro spent quite a few years continuing to be a warden of the sky, but the inability to pilot his own vessel made it tough at times. To remedy this weakness, Toro took it upon himself to offer his services to those he thought would come into trouble in there travels. For some time, he traveled with a group of Aing-Tii monks, he kept them safe and in return they offered to teach him their ways. Toro got along very well with the monks as they had a shared hate for slavers and belief in self-discipline. The Aing-Tii’s views of the force very much intrigued Toro, however, every journey has it’s end, and eventually Toro had to take leave of the monks.

Toro continued his duties as a Warden of the Sky and caught the Republic’s eye upon protecting one of their ships from a pirate attack. The republic then offered Toro credits in return for protecting some of their more important cargo. Toro knew it wasn’t the belief of the Wardens of the Sky to take pay for their services, however, he recalled the words of his master, and decided to find his own path.

Toro Kurai

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