Jaa-Aradi Felian

Jedi Padawan


Jaa-Aradi wears the standard robes of a Jedi Padawan, and carries a blue lightsaber, the tool of a Jedi.


Identified as a force sensitive at the age of 4 Jaa-Aradi was taken from his family on Nar Shaddaa to the Jedi Temple on Coracant. He remembers very little before his life in the temple, but he knows that he was the first of three children. His younger brother and sister were twins and may have showed signs of force sensitivity. He also knows that his family was not well off, and that his father had taken up smuggling contraband in order to feed the family. His life at the temple was much the same as any other youngling; training with his initiate clan under Master Mace WIndu and meditating on the ways of the force in his free time. At the age of 15, upon completing the Initiate Trials, Jaa-Airadi was selected by Aayla Secura as a Padawan Learner where he has had one-on-one training with his master up until this point.

Jaa-Aradi has an unconditional love for the Jedi Order, he trusts in the judgement of the council, and feel the Jedi would never betray the greater good. His love extends even greater for the nine other members of his initiate clan, and the Jedi Masters that trained him, Mace Windu, and Aayla Secura.

In his 12 years of training (and indoctrination) into the Jedi Order, Jaa-Aradi has been taught to fear and hate the dark side of the force. As part of his training he watched holovids of the clone wars, and saw some of the terrible powers of the dark side in use.

Jaa-Aradi Felian

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